Why Men Who Do Not Drink Are Better Husbands

Far from being reserved or too serious, men who do not drink are the most engaged in a relationship.

Nowadays, new generations are increasingly looking for sobriety, moving away from the clichés that dictate that in order to have fun you need to drink alcohol or drugs, what this means for couple relationships, that far from being a boring scenario, it is most encouraging, Since dating a man who does not drink may be better if what you are looking for is a lasting relationship.

Why Men Who Do Not Drink Are Better Husbands

1. Is sure of himself.

A man who does not drink knows that he does not need alcohol to disinhibit himself and be funny because he trusts his abilities to have a conversation with a woman while being fully aware of his words.

2. Has emotional intelligence.

Sometimes when people drink too much it is because they try to avoid situations in their life that they don’t like, a man who prefers to get away from alcohol has enough emotional intelligence to deal with his problems and get ahead.

3. He doesn’t run from his mistakes.

Surely you have run into someone who after a night of excess excuses his behavior by saying that he was drunk and does not remember what he did, a man who does not drink will never have this excuse because he knows how to face his mistakes.

4. He doesn’t make you his babysitter.

When a man decides not to drink when he meets you, it is also because he values ​​your company and prefers to devote his attention instead of making you have a hard time having to take care of him because he is in a bad state.

5. He knows how to mature.

It is normal that during the first years youth people want to try alcohol and even do it in excess but there comes a time when they mature and concentrate their free time in other activities, clinging to a stage of life is a sign of immaturity and lack of commitment that must be taken into account before starting a relationship.