Why doesn’t he like me?

Do you like a man who does not seem to like you no matter what you do?

Maybe you need to read these tips about why he does not like you.

Almost all women have gone through this. You like a man and you give him some signals, but somehow, he seems to not see these little clues or do nothing to correspond to your love.

Does He like you? Is he confused or just does not care?

Why doesn’t he like me?

Why doesn’t he like me?

1. You’re trying to please him in excess.

In your quest to make him see your great potential, you are pretending to be too easy.

Remember, men like to chase women, and they will want the one that is harder to get.

2. You are easily available to him.

You may want to create a lasting impression by always being available to him, or maybe you just try to spend as much time as possible in his company.

However, this moves men away instead of bringing them closer, since he will only see an obsessive behavior in you.

Make him want you and make him miss you by keeping some distance.

3. You are not his type.

There is nothing you can do here.

All men have their own preferences, be it the height, the color of the woman’s hair or something as trivial as her way of laughing.

Do not change your way of being for him.

Get over it and find someone who likes you for who you are.

4. You are in the friend’s zone.

He thinks of you as a friend.

Does he tell you about other women he likes?

Does he talk about disgusting details that he only shares with trusted friends?

Even if you see it as a sign that he is open to you, it can also mean that he sees you only as a friend who does not want to impress.

5. He likes someone else.

Maybe you realized later what a great match this man is.

Maybe he likes someone else or is even in a relationship with another woman.

6. Does not feel sexually attracted to you.

Have you been friends for a long time?

Although men see any woman as a sexual object, they avoid thinking that way when that woman is their friend.

7. He does not think you’re compatible.

Do you have a list of the things you like and want from a man? There is a great possibility that he has that list too.

Maybe there are some traits of you that he does not look for in a woman.

The only way you can find out about those preferences is to ask him subtly.

8. Temperament differences.

Do you get along all the time and enjoy the same activities?

Sometimes, a man may think you are sexy but maybe he feels a difference in his levels of maturity and in his emotional connection.

9. He’s gay.

You may think this is a joke, but many women have gone through this experience.

Most men who are not heterosexual have not yet revealed their sexual preferences to anyone.

They may even go out with a woman to fit into society.

10. Has unreasonable standards.

Have you ever met a cocky man who thinks he’s Brad Pitt?

Well, some men have an exceedingly good opinion of themselves and that is why they have unreasonable expectations about what their girlfriends should be like.
Forget about that man.

He will come creeping towards you when other women clean the floor with him.

11. You have different origins.

Maybe he is not interested in you because he is afraid that his friends and family will not approve of you.

12. Different views on religion

Yes, there are still some men who give great value to this.

Although this is not the main reason, it may be a sign of why he does not risk making the decision to go out with you.

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