Weaknesses Of Men That Put Them At The Feet Of A Woman

The male body, as well as the female body, is loaded with high-voltage areas, which sometimes, without knowing it, are excited with just a caress. If your mission is to leave him at your feet, stay tuned because then we will reveal how to drive a man crazy without him knowing.


Weaknesses Of Men That Put Them At The Feet Of A Woman

1. Cuddling him while you shyly sneak a hand under his clothes is an infallible trick, they go crazy.

There are experts who say that touching the end of his back increases the feeling of pleasure.

2. Throw yourself into your partner’s jugular with lots of kisses.

The euphoria of kissing the couple is really exciting for them. Surprise him when he least expects it without an important day, time or place.

3. Try to insinuate yourself without underwear.

Do you dare to interpret a high voltage scene like the Basic Instinct scene?

You will take his breath away with the mythical cross leg.

4. The feminine fragrance ignites his passion.

So, you have to find that fragrance that awakens his sexual instinct. If you want to ensure success, try perfumes with pheromones.