Ways in which men try to manipulate you

“But that’s not for you” and “You do not deserve it” are some phrases they use.

They say that “there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord” and this is very true!

If you are dating a man, you will surely find some who turn out to be great candidates to form a partnership with you, while there are others who see the manipulation of your feelings as a way of life.

And the thing is that after all there is nothing so good or as bad as it seems, everything is a matter of the glass with which you look, but yes, when you find a manipulative person in your way, you better walk it alone.

Here we show you some of the ways in which that type of men tries to use those “resources” to manipulate your emotions, look at them well!

Ways in which men try to manipulate you

1. Exalt your weak points.

If you already told him that you do not feel so comfortable with your weight, any part of your body, your voice, etc. He will take it as a key point so that when he wants to make you feel bad, from there he grabs to give you a low blow when he can.

2. He is sarcastic with you.

Tries to use passive violence to make you feel bad; he does not openly tell you something, but he does make a joke or says things with an ironic tone of something he already knows that will hurt your feelings.

3. Tries to make you feel guilty (even if you are not).

If there is a problem (of any kind), even if it is his fault, at all times he will try to change the roles in such a way that he will make you feel that this happened because you did something wrong.

4. He gets mad at you.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he changes his attitude towards you, showing himself cold and sharp, this he does with all the fraud and uses it as a blockade before some situation so that you think you did something wrong and that’s why things are not going well between the two, even if you have not done anything.

5. He makes you feel less.

“But that’s not for you”, “You do not deserve it” or phrases like that are the ones he uses in his vocabulary so that you believe that you do not have to demand certain things within the relationship of the two of you.

6. Makes jokes about you in front of others.

You are with your friends or family and on purpose, he says a story in an effort to ridicule you and even laughs at it.

Then he tells you that he only did it to please others and tries to convince you that it is not so serious, do not fall in his game!

7. Tells you not on purpose.

You ask for something and he tells you not just to make you feel bad, thinking you asked for something impossible or that it is inappropriate.

It is very common that when he does this he accompanies it with phrases like “are you crazy”, “how do you think I’m going to do that?”, Among others.

(Source: https://www.elsalvador.com)