Truths For Which A Man Ignores You Even If He Is Interested

Understanding a man is just as complex as understanding yourselves, only that at least they are simpler when deciding whether or not to be in a relationship, I say it because by nature men cannot or do not know how to hide the True, if they love you, you can tell, if not, too. So today we will talk about an interesting topic: 7 Great Truths For Which A Man Ignores You Even If He Is Interested.

Truths For Which A Man Ignores You Even If He Is Interested

1. He has doubts that you are the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life:

If he thinks that one day he will find the woman of his life and he has doubts that this special person is you, then perhaps that is why he moves away a bit.

2. He doesn’t want to hurt you:

Maybe he doesn’t take you so seriously, but it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and that’s why he gets away from you. “On the one hand he doesn’t want to lose you (because he knows that women like you are not found just like that anymore), but at the same time he has his ideal woman in his dreams and that’s not you yet”.

3. He is afraid:

He may be afraid to commit or he just likes you a lot and is afraid to approach you and express his feelings. Maybe you are very self-confident and that scares him.

4. He wants to commit himself seriously:

Sometimes men take time away from getting close to you and asking for marriage. Perhaps the serious intentions of your love make him get away from you a little, don’t have doubts.

5. Talking to you discourages him:

Maybe you complain because he does not respond to your text messages or because he does not follow your conversations on WhatsApp, however, instead of questioning him you should check if it is that whenever you send a message, you do it to complain or if you always start the conversation with something negative or bad news.

If you don’t know if you really behave like that, start by checking the threads of some of your conversations with him and pay attention to how you start them.

Check what were the last things you talked about, did you complain about something that happened during the day?

Did you tell him gossips about someone? Did you dramatize a problem that was of no relevance? or, perhaps, you notice that in no conversation you say something good or positive.

6. You always want something from him:

Are you asking your boyfriend for many favors? Or every time you call him you ask him to do something for you?

You may think that this does not matter much, but if you are objective and pay attention to your behavior with him, you may realize that you are asking for more than you think. And that is more than enough reason for him to prefer to ignore you. But it’s just that he doesn’t want to continue helping you with each and every one of the tasks that occur to you on a daily basis, especially when you don’t respect his occupations and personal time.