Things that your partner will never do to you if he truly loves you

Your partner is a very special part of your life. He is that wonderful man who loves you with madness and makes each of your days even more sensational. Of course, he is a human being and maybe on some occasion, he made a mistake that hurt you. But, that should not be common.

In fact, being your partner one of the pillars of your existence, there are certain things he should not do if he really loves you.

According to the psychotherapist and author of “The Heart of Self Love: How to Radiate with Confidence,” Heather Hans, these are some of them.

Things that your partner will never do to you if he truly loves you

1. Threatening you physically, emotionally or verbally.

This seems obvious, but physical, emotional or verbal violence is usually quite powerful.

Not only does the victim’s self-esteem diminish, but, over time, the victim may become addicted to it.

You have to know that a couple that truly loves you will never threaten you. Real love is solid, reliable and stable.

2. Pushing you to do uncomfortable things.

Hans says that an egocentric person often pressures his partner (and other people) to do things for him that she does not feel comfortable with.

This is because he considers her as an object to be used.

But when someone is really in love they never force their better half to do things that they dislike.

3. Lie constantly.

Your love relationship is one of the most intimate of your life, and what makes it like that is trust. Without it there is no partner.

That is something that you and the man of your dreams must always respect. Thus, if he truly loves you, he will not constantly lie to you and keep his word, because he will not risk losing your love.

4. Ignore or neglect you.

Someone who really loves you knows how special you are. He takes care of you and takes care of you because he values you.

Hans indicates that people who are negligent are not available for love, neither to themselves nor to anyone else. They are trapped in a basic level of emotional development and will never be able to give attention.

5. Be unfaithful.

“It is healthy, normal and natural to be attracted to other people whether you have a relationship or not.

Acting on this attraction is something completely different. Commitment is a sign of love and devotion.

If someone is not committed to you, he does not really love you, “says Hans. Therefore, if your partner adores you, he will not be unfaithful.

6. Criticize or belittle you.

In general, criticism destroys any spirit. That’s why the last person you need to listen to making negative comments is your partner.

There is a difference between someone who offers useful suggestions and one who criticizes.

If the man with whom you share your life loves you, he will never destroy you with his words.

Take into account these attitudes, if you identify any of them in your partner, it may be a good time to ask him to change or rethink your relationship.