Things That Men Do Not Endure From Women

We men, like to spend time with our partner, but we also like to spend time with our friends, family, we want to have our time for us.

That is why there are certain attitudes that will make us run away. Next, we tell you 10 things that will make us run.


Things That Men Do Not Endure From Women

1. The second mother.

We don’t like women who believe to be our mother. We agree with them to worry about us, but do not abuse.

2. The intense.

We also need our space. Therefore we do not want to be called every hour, wanting to know all our movements and to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with us.

3. The Rival.

Ladies, every man has the best female friend and there is a unique fidelity. She is like the sister we don’t have in some cases, so don’t argue with her. Trust us.

4. The desperate.

Nothing is more noticeable to a man than that woman who is desperate to get married. Everything has its time, do not take us to meet your parents after the first month. That would only scare us.

5. The one who doesn’t spend.

We agree that a man must be a gentleman at all times, but they should not abuse. Do not put that ugly face typical of you to renew your wardrobe, buy gifts, etc.

We don’t want to sound stingy, but, just as you demand that your rights be respected. Remember, you also work.

6. Three are a crowd.

In some cases, we all had a partner who in all our outings took his sister, cousin, friend. Sometimes it’s cool, but do we always have to go out all three?

7. Jealousy, damn jealousy.

Our sexist culture may make them insecure, but should they even suspect our shadow?. That attitude will only make us really deceive them.

8. The hatred of football.

We understand not all women love football, but they must show it every so often. We don’t tell you anything when you see your soap opera or those romantic movies that we don’t like many times.

Let us go to the stadium, play soccer with our friends and drink some beers. That day, go out with your friends, mom, enjoy a day for yourselves.

9. Dissertations on love.

Girls, we don’t like to talk about feelings, relationships, conflicts every minute. Remember that we, although we fall in love, are practical.

10. The self-sufficient.

True, nobody doubts their ability, but do they must flaunt it?. We don’t need them to put that smarty look.