Things Men Would Like Women To Know

In a couple relationship, women and men do not always reveal what one wants from the other, this time we share 10 Things Men Would Like Women To Know about them.

According to a study conducted at the University of Miami by researcher Liana Hone, men prefer women who laugh at their jokes and not funny women.

Regarding the personality of men, the following list shows other aspects that they would like women to know:

Things Men Would Like Women To Know

 1. That they take the initiative.

Times change and not all the work of conquest should be done by men, currently, they appreciate girls who show their interest and let them know.

 2. They like to be admired.

Men like women to admire their achievements and way of dressing, just as they praise the recognition obtained by women, they also wish to receive admiration.

 3. They need motivation.

Within their pride, men imply that they can do anything, however, they require words of encouragement to help them overcome obstacles and difficulties.

4. They do not like their body.

The fact that men do not say openly that they do not agree with certain part of their body, does not mean that it is so, only that men prefer to keep it and face that discomfort in front of the mirror after showering.

5 Enjoy their space.

For fear of anger with their partner, they do not dare to say it, but every man enjoys having free time and doing what they want or simply not doing anything.

6. They are sensitive.

Because of the stereotype of being the protector, he does not show his emotions and hides his most sensitive and cheesy side.

7. They want an independent woman.

Don’t leave them all the work, men admire women who can take care of themselves and are able to perform activities without having to ask them.

8. The compliments are serious.

There are times when men tell their girlfriend that she looks good and it’s because she really looks good; they do not say it with the purpose of deceiving them or as it is popularly said “to give them the plane”.

 9. Do not fear an I love you.

The sudden way in which a woman tells a man that she loves him has been demonized, thinking that he will break with the relationship when he sees that everything is more serious.

Men within their ego, feel good knowing that they awake that feeling in a woman.

10. They are not afraid of commitment.

Just as they do not fear an “I love you”, they are not afraid to accept a commitment and take a bigger leap in the relationship

Now that you know the things that men would like women to know, it can be useful for you to understand your partner and achieve a greater bond of communication and achieve that both complement each other.