Signs that your partner is also your best friend

Although there is no specific key to a lasting relationship, what we can say is that the complicity you have with your partner, or if you consider him your best friend, may affect the fact that you last for years or not.

What does that mean?

And is that although it is true that between two lovers there is confidence, that does not mean they are Best friends, so you probably do not always go to him when you need advice.

To know if you and your partner are, just pay attention to the following signals and you are ready:

Signs that your partner is also your best friend

1.- You do not fear to make a fool of yourself in front of your boy.

If you go out to dance, you are not afraid to take those steps that cause laughter to your closest friends and that you would blush with other people.

2.- If you have a gossip, you tell your best friends and him.

When you find out about something, you tell those girls that you consider your sisters and him, even though they do not know the person involved.

3.- Heavy jokes can be made.

Every time you see each other you usually make a mockery, something that none of your friends understand until now.

4.- You have an enviable complicity.

You just need to look at each other to know what the other person thinks or feels, something that causes amazement in those who meet you for the first time.

5.- When you need advice you go to him.

Whenever you have a family or work problem, you usually look for him to receive his recommendation and be able to cope with it.