Signs That You Are Passive-Aggressive in the Relationship

Relationships are complicated, so it is necessary to work together so that you can live in harmony.

But one of the attitudes that most damage coexistence is if you are passive-aggressive with your partner.

People who maintain this attitude with their loved ones cause great long-term problems.

Because with a simple comment you can start an unnecessary argument.

If you think you are passive-aggressive we present you with several signs that indicate it.

But do not worry, we explain how to change them.

The compliments are a good way to let your partner know how much you love him or appreciate what he does.

But sometimes these can turn into something negative.

For example, if you say “How amazing, thanks for cleaning the kitchen” is a way of telling him he never does it and you’re surprised.

Instead of going down that road you can ask for help when cleaning, no hints are necessary.

Signs That You Are Passive-Aggressive in the Relationship

1. You keep a marker

Imagine this scenario: Your partner left you hanging because he can not leave work, so you tell him that it is fine and not to worry.

It’s normal, it seems that the situation was there, right?

Passive-aggressive people will never forget it and will find a way to throw it in their face, no matter how much time has passed.

Instead of keeping that grudge and emotions, it is better to tell your partner how disappointed you felt, so you avoid any kind of problems.

2. You say yes to everything, even though you do not want.

If your partner wants to do something and you say yes, no matter if you do not want to do it.

It is a way of being passive-aggressive because you are calm but inside very upset.

It is common to do so to avoid arguments, but for the health of your relationship, we recommend that you explain that you do not want to do it.

3. You postpone things.

It is similar to always saying yes to your partner.

If he asks you to do something and you accept, although you do not want to do it, to avoid any inconvenience.

Instead of postponing so much what he asked for, it is better to tell him at once that you do not want to do it.

4. You make the law of ice.

Many people stop talking to their partner to avoid arguments.

For “very” positive that this is seen, it is not healthy at all.

You are saving your thoughts and you live in a relationship where you do not feel comfortable.

Remember that it is essential to have an honest conversation in order to create something for the long term.