Signs That Tell You If You Are With A Possessive Man

Although socially there is no prototype of a possessive and controlling man, there are a number of common traits and attitudes that we can use to define them.




Signs That Tell You If You Are With A Possessive Man

1. Criticizes you in excess.

There are men who to feel better about themselves need to make others feel bad.

Undervalues your successes, criticizes all your decisions or simply your way of dressing are telltale signs for you to run away from that relationship. If not, it is likely that his insecurity will transfer to you and undermine your self-esteem.

2. Always wants to know where you are.

The possessive and controlling man tries to check everything around him and always seems to be defensive. He gets angry easily and, at times, tries to contain his aggressiveness.

The obsession to control where his partner is at each moment, who you talk to or what friendships you have becomes the main point of the relationship.

Even though you have indicated what you were going to do or where you would meet, he will try to check it continuously, either through you or your family and friends to confirm that what you said is true.

3. Sick jealousy.

Jealousy is generated in response to deep feelings of insecurity and distrust in relation to oneself but projected towards the couple.

Thus, they usually arise when you feel that the love of the other is in danger or when you experience fear of ceasing to be the center of attention of the loved one, even without this being true. That is, they tend to be afraid of abandonment, in addition to emotional dependence and chronic insecurity.

Although most people are able to relativize this feeling and put it into context, possessive men often experience many difficulties in managing it.

In this way, jealousy will eventually dominate him and will be expressed through criticism, controlling and in some cases even aggressive behaviors.

4. Control of social networks and other devices.

A possessive and controlling man, in addition to calling and sending messages several times a day, usually gets upset when he is not answered immediately.

If this happens at the beginning of a relationship, it is advisable to talk about it and if he is still unable to understand it, the recommendation is to move away. If it occurs in a stable relationship, it is convenient to talk or consult with a professional.

The important thing is to be clear that the mobile phone is something very personal and that nobody should control our calls or messages since they are part of our privacy.