Secrets that men will never tell you

What do we know about men?

They know how to handle the most complicated electronic devices, they like soccer and other sports.

Many of them have a good beard. Some girls believe that this is everything and precisely for them, we made this entry. wants to share with you some of the secrets of men counted by themselves.


Secrets that men will never tell you

# 6 They need moments of doing nothing.

It may surprise you but do not always get excited by the idea of ??making important decisions and being responsible for their actions.

Sometimes they just want to spend some time alone and enjoy the moments when they do not have to do anything.

#5. Men do not pay attention to details.

Men think more globally.

Accept him and do not try to pay attention to the details.

Maybe you can even learn from them. Because many women focus on insignificant things that do not let them enjoy the situation in general.

#4. Thinking nonsense is an excellent rest for the brain.

Can you imagine that men do not spend their time thinking about the family budget, how to pay all the credits and save the world from global warming?

Many times, when you think that your partner is going through an existential crisis, you are really thinking nonsense.

#3. They are also afraid.

Men are victims of the image of the superhero that society imposes on them.

This is not easy for them because they are also afraid of uncertainty, they doubt if the decisions they make are correct and they care about the same things you do.

#2. They look at pretty girls.

Men always look at pretty girls.

In fact, humanity exists thanks to the ability of men to evaluate the appearance of women, choosing the best, which would be the mother of their children.

It’s a matter of nature, nothing more.

#1. They value the support.

Men need moral support just like women. Everyone needs it.

For the accelerated pace of modern life and emotional tension, there are no genres.