“Romantic Details” That Show You’re With A Controlling Man

A toxic relationship begins when one of the two or both do not want to accept the problems that are happening, love can blind us and make us confuse reality and distort it at our whim.

Finally, we fall into a space where it is sometimes very difficult to get out and suffer for love when in reality this feeling should only give us joy in life.

There are even more indicators that can reveal to us the obvious problems you are going through, such as trying to tolerate a controlling boyfriend, for example, and confusing his special interest in you as a romantic detail when it is not.

“Romantic Details” That Show You’re With A Controlling Man

1. All the time he is watching you.

It feels good when your partner is aware of you and what you need because it makes you feel that you are important to him but at all time?

He writes or calls you every half hour to ask you what you are doing and where you are.

This tells us that there is a problem even of co-dependence on him or that he feels so insecure not to have you by his side at that moment and all he does is to have control over you.

2. Wants to know every detail of your life.

Seeks to know everything about you but exceeds the limit when he needs to check your phone or social networks to know even who writes you and what you talk about.

It is also a demonstration of clear insecurity that can bring you more than one problem.

3. He is very jealous.

I think anyone could tolerate a bit of jealousy that has a foundation but if this happens many times and with greater intensity, there is no doubt that what he tries to do is make you think you are his property.

“The key to keeping things calm is that he is able to identify his jealousy and that you don’t allow him to exercise any kind of control over you,” as the therapist Esther Boykin says.

4. Making hasty plans for the future.

It is not bad for a couple to make plans for the future because they help them project themselves and set goals that they will achieve over time; However, the strange thing here is that he does it when you have just been dating for a short time.

This can be a sign of manipulation, “The manipulators are excellent reading and finding the insecurities of others,” says Jonathan Bennett, relationship coach and owner of The Popular Man.

“It’s as if your partner had an ace up his sleeve and knew how to tell you exactly the things that make you feel good. Ask yourself if he is not a real manipulator, ”says the coach.

5. Demands much of your time.

He wants to be present himself in all your activities and can do it by making you believe that you need him for everything. Demands so much of your time that there is no room left for yourself.

“For example, if one of the two values ​​very much to meet with their friends every Wednesday, but the other prefers her to stay at home because he does not like to feel alone, it is quite terrible, because whoever does it tries to manipulate their partner to their own benefit, ”according to life coach Kali Rogers.

6. He is “protective”.

It is normal for your partner to adopt a protective posture and worry about you but, to get to the point of separating you from your friends or family because according to him ‘they do not do you well’, that is not loving.

If you realize, he has created an atmosphere of distrust in you, putting himself as your only option to choose because “he is the only one who loves you and takes care of you” and of course everything is at his convenience, that makes him a controlling man.