Proofs That Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

Stereotypes indicate that women fall in love more easily, and therefore, they are an easier ‘prey’. But what does science say? Many investigations have proven that men are really the ones who are most in love.

All cases are unique, and there is no rule that today encompasses everyone. Still, it seems to indicate that some biological and social factors have turned the dynamics between couples this way.

Proofs That Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

1. Investigations have been carried out.

Helen Fisher is an anthropologist and researcher from New Jersey who along Rutgers University, conducted a study with 172 university students.

According to the study, “Men reported feeling in love and expressing it much earlier than women,”.

2. Women tend to be more cautious.

The psychologist Marissa Harrison – for her part – explained to the Broadly news portal about the caution of women. She considers women to seek greater stability because they are the ones who carry out with the children, and that makes them much more analytical.

3. The nature of men.

Ingrid Collins, a psychologist at the London Medical Center, also contributed to the natural differences between men and women.

“The male is usually the hunter and is more likely to be stimulated immediately. The woman instead is more focused on long-term stability.”

4. Men are more visual.

Women take more time to fall in love because they give greater importance to personality characteristics. Meanwhile, men tend to be more visual and therefore, they feel that they fall in love more easily.

5. Society pushes them to that.

Finally, Neil Lamont, a British psychologist, also assures stereotypes that influence. Men have a burden on dominance and masculinity that determines their behavior.

“It could be argued that it is considered a ‘masculine trait’ to be assertive and lead and, therefore, this can determine some social norms.”