Phrases Of Men That Hide Another Meaning

Know what she really means through sentences like “She is just a friend nothing else”.

You must know what a man means when he uses these phrases because their meaning is almost never literal, you might be surprised to know its translation.

Here are 10 phrases of men that hide another meaning:

Phrases Of Men That Hide Another Meaning

1. For now, I do not want anything serious.

All I want is to have intimate relationships and nothing else, that’s all I want for now.

2. She’s only a friend.

I want or I have something with her but I can not tell you because you would go crazy.

3. Do you go out with other men?

The translation would be: I do not know if I can with this.

In case you answer that you do go out with someone else, do not worry, in a few months, he will remind you.

4. I do not like erotic videos.

“Since we are in this meeting I have not opened any XXX portal.

5. You intimidate me a little.

I’m afraid that my ways of impressing all of them will not work for you and I try to blame you in some way for that.

6. All my ex-girlfriends are crazy.

I cause normal people to lose their sanity and do deranged things.

7. I keep getting along very well with my ex.

The bad thing: He tries his exes to loosen from time to time.

The good thing: in case of finishing they will not fan out hating each other.

8. I get along pretty good with my mom.

If we get involved in a relationship, she will also be included, do not hesitate.

9. I am stress/I have problems.

I do not really want to tell you what happens to me but I will be emotionally unavailable for a couple of days or weeks until that is resolved because I am not multitasking.

10. I am not thinking of anything.

It literally means that he is not thinking about anything.