Hurting Phrases Used By A Man When He Stopped Loving

These are some prayers that show that a man has stopped loving and they are painful for the person who listens to them.

Sometimes words hurt more than actions and leave many of our thoughts in evidence, so it is very important to identify the hurtful phrases a man uses when he has stopped loving.

Just as a sweet or kind prayer can give us love, peace, and happiness, a hate word tends to destroy, disappoint and causes pain, therefore you should not allow hurtful phrases that a man uses when he has stopped loving, since no one should disrespect you.

While it is true that all couples have problems, when you start to treat badly often or argue too much you enter a circle where unpleasant situations are accepted without knowing that little by little are hurting us.

Hurting Phrases Used By A Man When He Stopped Loving

1. “The best thing will be to separate”.

If before any conflict, problem or argument he says this, he could make you think and with good reason that he does not want to be by your side anymore.

Other men use it as a manipulation to access all their desires.

Whatever the reason, you should not allow that person to end your peace of mind. If what he wants is to leave, go ahead.

2. “You’re a…”

Remember that a man in love, no matter how stressed he is or angry, will take care not to hurt his wife with hurtful words.

Therefore, when insults are the bread of every day, he leaves in evidence the things that he considers your defects or does everything possible to make you feel bad, you can be sure that he does not love you anymore.

3. “You have me tired”.

Everyone is responsible for what they feel or do.

Apart we all go through stressful moments but it is very important not to victimize ourselves and above all to value the other.

If there are attitudes of your partner that you do not like, the best thing is to talk about this. A respectful dialogue will be the best solution to all your problems.

4. “I can not stand you anymore”.

No one has to endure this type of behavior.

Sometimes, when moments of pressure and anger occur we can commit outbursts that have their consequences, however, this is not enough justification for your partner to make it clear that he is fed up with your presence.

5. “You’re suffering because of stupidity”.

This phrase shows his lack of empathy and selfishness since he is indifferent to what the couple can feel.

With this, your feelings are underestimated and he makes it clear that he is not willing to help as he considers that it does not matter.

When a man utters this prayer in a derogatory way, he is not respecting and much less appreciating what happens to the other.

When a man loves he does everything possible to understand his partner.

6. “I have no time”.

When a man is always busy to talk, he does not have time to spend time with his partner or prefers the company of others, without a doubt there is no love.

If someone mentions this frequently, it shows that he does not feel like being with that girl.

7. “You’re not like before”.

Or he also tends to mention that it is different.

All people are changing with the passage of time, but when there is love the other person is adapting to them, understanding and in many cases imitating.

When he mentions that that person no longer has those qualities that he fell in love with, he no doubt lets her understand that he no longer loves her.

8. “If you had not acted like that, I would not have reacted that way”.

It’s a very cruel way of blaming you for the negative things you do.

Remember that each person must take charge of their behavior. In case he blames you, that behavior is quite dangerous because it can lead to violence.

Blaming the other often becomes harmful.

We all have blamed others for everything that happens to us, but if there is something fundamental, it is to assume all our responsibilities.

You are not guilty of what the other does or happens to him, and it is unfair that he wants you to think like that.