How to understand men in relationship

How to understand men in relationship

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Is it true that men are from Mars and women from Venus? Misunderstandings between men and women are something normal, the characters are different, but this should not be understood as something negative. However, these discrepancies may be a more productive way and none of the parties have to take a hit.

How to understand men in relationship

Understanding men is not an impossible mission, dialogue and respect are the basis for a good understanding and make the most of the relationship.

They are of few words

Men have been labeled often as being less expressive and communicative than women, but this is not true at all. To get to understand men the golden rule is to put aside all the gender stereotypes that our society has always tried to make perpetual.

The modern man of today is far from the image of a strong, expressionless and categorical person associated with the male figure for decades. The growing exchange of roles in the household is a clear example of the changes experienced by the society. Another of the most widespread clichés is that men are emphatic in their decisions, for them there is only black or white, and do not pay attention to the nuances.

Women often believe that they resist changing or improving, but the real problem lies in wanting these changes to occur quickly using emotional blackmail as a real manipulative weapon. Rejection, control or treating them like children are not the best strategies to understand men.

Trusting him is always imperative

Understanding men do not involve changing the way of being or attitudes of people. This fact can be interpreted by them as an attempt to perfection by not meeting the expectations of the other party. Self-esteem can be heavily damaged if women only notice their errors and not their achievements or those positive aspects that contribute to the relationship. They can also perceive the accusations as a lack of trust. The best way to resolve such conflicts is to try to go for their faculties, thus, they will feel appreciated and more confident, naturally changing those little beneficial features for the proper course of the relationship.

Understanding men also involves knowing how their social relationships are and how they work in their social circle. Good friends are the pillars of any person, knowing you can count on them is essential to feel greater security. However, men are more reluctant than women when talking about aspects of their romantic relationships for fear of mockery, ridicule or appear weak. But gradually this thought is disappearing and men are beginning to express their feelings and emotions more.

The character for men and women can be for many opposed, but feelings do not understand about gender and are the best way to understand men perfectly.

What do you think that differentiates men and women the most? What do you think is the secret to understanding men?

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