How to know if an “I love you” is sincere

How do we know that someone is lying to us?

What do we have to look for exactly?

Most people lie at least once or twice a day.

This ability to lie develops from childhood.

But how can we detect a lie, especially when feelings are involved?

How to know if an "I love you" is sincere

How to know if an “I love you” is sincere

Before, the phrase “I love you” had a greater weight because it was not so commonly used in everyday conversations, however over time it has lost its value and credibility.

This is because they have become everyday words, such as saying “thank you” or “you’re welcome”.

Do not be fooled by your partner, find out if he really loves you as he says.

How to know if an “I love you” is sincere

1. Dilated eyes.

When someone says they love you, try to look at their eyes, if they dilate with an expression of surprise, most likely he’s telling you the truth.

2. Blinking.

When a person lies, it is usual for them to blink, especially when they say what is not true.

Another sign is the body in restlessness, it is like a way of distracting the receiver.

3. Sincere caresses.

Saying “I love you” is usually accompanied by a gesture that conveys the feeling.

For example a caress, a kiss, or a hug since this feeling cannot be said only, you need to express it too.

If you think that your partner is not being sincere, the best thing is to express your suspicion, without making accusations of any kind.

Explain your reasons and share your point of view.

If there is no confidence to be able to carry out this confrontation, the most likely thing is that the feeling of love is also absent.