How To Break Up With A Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

He is the cutest in the world.

He has details with you, he gets along excellent with your family and wants to see you all the time.

But you do not like him anymore! What to do?

Cutting off a boyfriend without hurting him requires preparation to not break his heart.

We share the main keys to achieve it.

How To Break Up With A Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

1. First, make sure of what you feel.

It is not worth cutting him today and tomorrow you realize that you always wanted him.

Making such a decision implies accepting the consequences and not playing with the other person’s feelings.

How would you feel if they did it to you?

2. Choose a good day to talk to him.

Avoid doing it on an anniversary, close to his birthday, and on important dates like Christmas and other celebrations.

Unless you have been hurt (physically or verbally), end the relationship at that moment.

But if this is not your case, think about a quiet day where you have plenty of time.

Neither do it by phone, mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other technological element.

Things are done face to face.

3. Avoid the dreaded “we have to talk”.

Far from preparing your boy and not giving him the news so suddenly, you will only make him spend hours of anguish waiting for the verdict.

Do not make him suffer, just tell him why they do not drink coffee.

4. Be honest.

Before telling him that you no longer want to be in the relationship, start by explaining your concerns.

Eye: It is not worth to attack and say: “is that you did such and such”, remember to start your sentences with “I feel” “I think” because that does not mean that it is so in reality.

5. State the benefits that both will have when you separate.

Focus on the good things of leaving the relationship, for example, that you will stop fighting and wearing out, that you will feel calmer, that it is a good time to take up projects, and so on.

6. Avoid the “we can be friends”.

We do not say it’s impossible to be friends with an ex-boyfriend, but it takes a lot of time.

Do not give false illusions that you will continue in his life, or try to comfort him with your friendship.

Give him his space and respect.

7. Be firm.

Make it very clear that you want to end the relationship, that it is not about giving yourselves time and that nothing will change your opinion, but not because you do not believe in him, but because it is the best for both of you.

Ask him not to look for you to make it easier for both of you to overcome the separation.

Do not forget to thank what he brought to your life.

What has been the worst way you have broken up with someone?

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