7 Tips to control your anger during a fight with your boyfriend

Are you the angriest in the relationship?

I understand you. During a fight with your boyfriend, there is always competition instead of a solution, don’t deny it!

However, this anger does not help you much, because the consequences are: not talking to him for a few days, ending the relationship and then returning, or a lot of drama.

Therefore, I want to share some tips to control your anger in all fights.

7 Tips to control your anger during a fight with your boyfriend

1. Take a deep breath.

Yes, I know.

Breathing is the typical advice that applies to everything, for example, when you have a nervous breakdown, anxiety, anger, sadness, and so on.

But also believe me when I tell you that it really works.

Breathing deep at least three or five times will help you a lot.

Seriously, inhale as much air as you can and exhale while closing your eyes.

Do not try to think about the argument, better concentrate on a solution or on how well you want to feel.

2. Connect your tongue with your brain.

We never do it!

That is why we should start with a small change, don’t you think?

If you want to control the situation during a fight with your boyfriend or anyone, the ideal is to think what you are going to say.

Many times it happens that afterward we regret what we said, and although they can forgive us, it is not always the case.

Do you really mean it or you just want to win the battle?

Remember, it is not healthy to blame each other, because a couple is supposed to be a team.

There are disagreements, but for that, you must learn to solve it together and not individually.

When you’re angry it’s very easy to rub several things to your boyfriend, but think about it, okay?

3. Think about future consequences.

This point has a lot to do with the previous one.

We are never aware of the consequences or what would turn out to be the worst scenario.

Take a reality hit, please, and think about what might happen if you fight, or if on the contrary, you solve it as adults.

It is never a good idea to avoid an argument because then the feeling will be saved turning into rancor.

4. Ask yourself if it is really worth arguing.

Anger prevents you from thinking, that simple, and if you want to control it then you have to disconnect a bit from it.

How many times have you regretted an argument?

You know that the “would” does not exist, so try to be reasonable.

There are situations that make women too angry while men do not seem to care, that’s why clear communication is important.

I do not mean that men are stupid, but sometimes you have to tell them detail in detail what you do not like so they do not mess it again.

5. Do not take out the dirty rags.

We all have dirty rags to take out, and your partner could take out yours.

This will only make things worse.

It’s normal that you want to mention something that hurt you months ago to win, but it’s not right.

He will also do it if given the opportunity, and if so, go!

6. Stay away for a while and do not wait for him to find you.

Putting distance is good because you need to think, clear your mind and calm your anger.

In fact, it is one of the best things you can do.

What is not right is that you wait for him to look for you, not miss! Do not make yourself beg.

7. Say things directly, without grief or fear!

I’ll leave it easy: men do not understand the hints.

Nor do they understand the “nothing” when they ask you what happens if they ask you it is because they really want to know.

Control your anger by saying what you really think and taking into account the above points.

You will not be happy if you wait for them to guess the answers, they just do not have them.