When Shouldn’t You Write To Him?

Do I write to him or don’t I write to him?

That question rings several times in the head of any woman when she is starting to date a man.

We have two cases: those that send 200 messages per day to their boy to know what he is doing, because they can not stand the curiosity and anxiety to talk to him.

And we have the opposite: those who never write for fear of being “heavy” or because they always expect the other take the first step, with the known risk that they can also remain as disinterested and even arrogant.

You already know what group you belong to, but whatever your attitude, surely on more than one occasion you have doubted whether to take the cell phone and call him or if it was better to wait for him to do it first.

Today I come to clarify a little the panorama and I advise you that, when in doubt, you should not write to him on the following occasions:

When Shouldn’t You Write To Him

1. Right after the first meeting.

It can be tempting to write to your boy to tell him that you’ve had a great time by his side, that the date was a success and that you’ve loved meeting him, but wait a little longer.

Men enjoy the stage of conquest and if you always take the first step and write too much when you first meet, it reduces their emotion to conquer, because he will feel that he already has you.

2. When you find yourself drunk.

A great truth: drinking alcohol with a cell phone at your fingertips is a real danger.

With alcohol, we become too uninhibited, our emotions are enhanced and you may say something that you should not have said.

Avoid future regrets and embarrassing situations and save your phone when you drink.

3. When you have already written.

It is very good that you write to your man because in a relationship you should not miss the communication and the demonstration of interest of both parties and he will love that you show yourself interested in him.

However, do not abuse text messages: men do not like to be “pushed” at all. There I assure you.

4. When you are very angry.

Surely you have all the rage contained and you’re dying to recriminate him.

Why didn’t you call me today ?! But that does nothing but demonstrate your insecurity.

Also, if you find a problem it is best to talk face to face and not through a message, which can be interpreted differently.

5. When you’re trying to be funny.

If you do not know too much, it is better that you keep some ironic or “strong” comments. Maybe your best intention is to surprise him and make him laugh.

But watch out! remember what I told you in the previous step: the message can be understood in the opposite way to what you were referring to, he could get confused or even be offended and there we will find ourselves in a misunderstanding.