When Should You Not Write To A Man?

Love is a feeling that makes people unrecognizable and will make us do things that had not occurred to us before, causing our repentance. Also, the mixture of alcohol and feelings for someone can be a bad counselor.

Here are 5 times when you shouldn’t write to a man.

When Should You Not Write To A Man

1. Under the influence of alcohol.

This advice applies to both women and men and we have all had a binge night. However, calling or writing to your crush under those effects could be one of the worst mistakes. Although some may seem funny, to others, it doesn’t.

2. In strange hours.

Please do not send us messages at 3 in the morning and wait for us to answer them. People usually sleep at that time. Also, imagine if we did the same to you.

3. When you get mad at a friend.

Men are not interested in drama. If you argue with a friend, don’t put us in the middle, even if it sounds hard, we prefer to do anything than listen to your fights with your friends.

4. If you argue with your mother.

We do not want to know about this type of topic, we will not be on your side. Remember that our family should like us.

5. When you are under a jealousy attack.

We all have received rumors, which could cause your fury, so if you want us to give you an explanation, wait for your anger to decrease. Recognize it, you won’t want to hear us if you’re furious.