WhatsApp Messages You Should Never Send To The Man You’re Dating

WhatsApp messages, expressed in the right way and sent at the right time, can be your best allies to consolidate your relationship. However, a text can also condemn your relationship to failure, especially if you are just beginning to go out.

There are some messages that you should avoid at all costs to not worsen the situation with a prospect or with the couple because it is best to ask certain questions face to face and not through Whatsapp because it can be misinterpreted.

WhatsApp Messages You Should Never Send To The Man You’re Dating

1. “Do you miss me?”

As tender as you think this will sound, a man can interpret this as: “She’s crazy about me”, “How can I miss her! Yesterday we saw each other “or” She must be very possessive “.

Do not send this message to a man because he will think you are desperate for his attention. Unless your relationship is very formal or he is your husband and that for some reason he is far from you, then you can make that tender question.

2. “Who are you with?”

Be careful if you still do not formalize your relationship and you want to know where and with whom he is, you could seem like a controlling woman and that can make the man you are interested in stay away from you.

3. “I’m dying to see you”.

When you’re just dating a guy and sending this message, you’ll see yourself as an anxious woman and you’ll just feed that man’s ego.

4. “Do you still talk to your ex?”.

Personal life should not be questioned!

When writing this you will do nothing but show your insecurity and you must be sure that even if he texts his ex he will never admit it.

5. “I love you”.

I love you is fine in a text message only if you have already said I love you in person, do not tell him that you love him for the first time and much less through a text message.

6. “Why don’t you answer my messages?”

You should never beg anything, no even a greeting, and please, show that you have dignity and give him space, although it intrigues you to know the reason why he does not answer you.

Keep calm because if you insist too much at first he will know that he has you at his disposal and second he will think twice before having anything with you because he will believe that you are a controlling woman.

If you notice that he does not respond, it is best to stop writing, let it be he who has that interest in you and then give yourself the luxury of leaving him on “seen” for some time, give yourself to be desired and give yourself your place.

7. “What are you doing awake at this time?” (At 2 o’clock in the morning)

If you see that he is on “Online” in the early morning and you send this message, he will surely take it as if you are being possessive. They say that you do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.

Maybe you would not like to be questioned with this type of message because even if you are dating, everyone has the freedom to sleep at the time they want.

8. “Do you like me?”

Sending him a WhatsApp message asking him if he likes you is inappropriate. You must let everything flow as you may attract him a lot physically but your attitude will be decisive to make him fall in love with you.

So try to avoid this question even if you have been going out already, also the best way to know he likes you or not is to look him in the eyes because his expression will say a lot.

9. “We’re done, I don’t want to know anything about you anymore”.

As much as it hurts to end that relationship or flat out you do not want to see him, please, never send a WhatsApp message where you write: It’s over.

That shows a degree of immaturity, you must be brave and aware that nobody deserves to end up like that, and that if they did the same to you, the minimum would be to wait