WhatsApp messages you should NEVER answer a man

Do you love me? With just a few days that you met him.

That is one of the typical messages that a man can send through WhatsApp and that you should not answer.

Who can think that in such a short time you can get to experience a feeling of such magnitude?

Also, a first “I LOVE YOU” is never said face to face.

Find out what those other questions or messages are that you are not obliged to answer, less if a man sends you, and even less if you are just meeting.

WhatsApp messages you should NEVER answer a man

1. I’m looking for you, where are you?

You have to be clear if this message comes to you on a Friday or Saturday after 10 p.m., that guy is looking for you because you were his last resort.

Do not let yourself be manipulated, much less be a second table dish, maybe because his friends already had plans.

2. Are you ignoring me?

If I ignore you, it’s because of something.

Either you are too busy or you just do not feel like answering.

Do not insist!

3. Do you still talk to your ex?

It is very personal and you will only tell him if you want.

Even so, if he asks you that question … assess whether it is prudent or not to answer. We believe that it is not necessary. Your word is valid and your silence too.

4. What are you doing?

If a boy sends this message before 8 p.m., it is a good sign because it indicates that he is taking the initiative to see you and perhaps spoil you a bit.

What is not allowed is that if you say “yes”, he does not call you to agree, so consider it because he is not serious.

Believe us, he has no desire to leave his friends or leave the house to see you. Is a lie!

In any case, he wants you to go where he is and he is wrong.

5. “I had a great time, and you?”

He’s just looking for your approval. If you did, let him know.

Otherwise, do not give merit or much less hope of wanting another meeting.

Bored, self-centered, macho, and womanizing men … you do not want them in your life.

Do not waste your time!

6. “We finished”.

Do not be a coward. A couple relationship NEVER ends with a text message.

7. =).

The typical bored and lazy man who only “writes” by means of emojis.

If they know that women are good conversationalists, why aren’t they more creative when it comes to communicating?

Sending nothing but “little faces” only makes you or other any girl lose interest and turn the page.

8. Can I go to see you?

If you are only interested in casual sex, then answer.

If not, skip that message because it’s the classic “I’m drunk and just want to get into bed,” and usually these kinds of questions get to the mobile on Fridays, Saturdays or holidays after midnight.

Do not fall into his nets!

(Source: http://siempremujer.com)