What To Do If Your Partner Blocks You From WhatsApp?

Many couples do not know how to act when the other person blocks them from WhatsApp. Sometimes they make a lot of mistakes that make things worse.

Having someone block you from a social network can have a load of conscience for both of you and more meaning for something that happened, totally negative. But when the couple is the one who blocks you from WhatsApp, things get tenser.

What To Do If Your Partner Blocks You From WhatsApp

Many people have wondered what to do if their partner blocks them from WhatsApp, and the truth is that despite being a difficult time, there are a number of things that can be done.

Blocking WhatsApp is a very common practice for some couples, but also for others, it is as if the world ends at that moment and they are left without knowing what to do.

WhatsApp is the preferred social network for many couples, which also makes the application one of the most popular for fights and arguments between lovers. But things become tenser when one of the two is blocked from WhatsApp, it is here when the other person does not know what it is doing in this complicated situation.

1. Do not call.

For the person who blocked you, the anger has it blind it and dialing or looking for it will simply add fuel to the fire. It is highly recommended not to make calls through WhatsApp or phone as this could worsen the situation.

It is better to wait for things to calm down a bit and then to communicate again.

2. Absent yourself.

Away for a few hours from all social networks, including WhatsApp obviously, will make the couple who blocked you begin to suspect that they were also blocked but from everywhere. The absence will make him look for you again and more when it comes to being absent from WhatsApp.

3. Remove photo.

Perhaps the best trick for the other person to come to their senses is that the couple they blocked remove the profile picture. If for a brief moment the person who blocked you enters to check if messages were sent to them, they will be scared to think that they have been blocked and they will immediately communicate.

4. Online.

Removing the “online” status is one of the things that drive couples crazy the most. When they realize they dropped the last connection and are not showing up online, the person who blocked will ease the tension and there will be a better chance that things will be fixed.