Things You Should Do If He Does Not Call You Anymore

After what you considered a good date or the promise of a call, you are still waiting to hear his voice, or at least read some words from him. Instead, the phone remains undeterred.

Has it happened to you?

Have you ever wondered how to act if that guy keeps ignoring you?

Take note of the 7 things you should do if he no longer calls.

Things You Should Do If He Does Not Call You Anymore

7. Do not bombard him with messages.

If a boy no longer calls you or does not answer your messages, the worst thing you can do is to bombard him trying to communicate with him.

It is the easiest way to annoy someone, and if there is still interest, he will lose it completely.

I know it is not simple, but you will only remain like a desperate woman. The best thing is to give him his space.

6. Send a casual message.

Do not hit him with text messages, but you can send him some to ask him what happens to him.

If he does not answer in three days or said he would call and did not, send him a simple and casual text.

If you still do not receive an answer, you can wait a few days and try one more time, but do not lose the informality: if you speak angrily, definitely he will not respond.

5. Find a meeting in person.

If both frequent common environments, such as work or a group of friends, seek to contact him personally. Do not make it obvious, but it must be a casual encounter.

Greet him naturally, and if he ignores you or does not treat you well, you will know that something is happening.

4. Be careful who you unburden with.

This situation can have you upset or angry, and you’ll want to unburden about it with someone.

Just be careful with who you do it, avoiding friends in common in the first place, as they can easily tell the boy in question what you think and feel.

Worse, they can dramatize things.

Tell the truth to your true friends, but do not let everyone know you are upset.

3. Avoid writing on social networks about it.

It is not good that you make the whole thing public.

If he has not called you as you expected, it is a matter that belongs only to you and to him.

Avoid sending “subtle” messages on your Facebook or unpleasant comments on your Twitter account.

It will only make him want to call you, but not necessarily to invite you to go out.

2. Wait a while to confront him.

If it’s been a while since the meeting or your last attempt to contact him, and you’re still upset about it, wait a while until the moods cool down a bit.

Depending on the type of relationship you have had, you have the right to tell him something, and you can try again.

Of course, if he still does not answer, it’s time to leave everything behind.

1. Go ahead.

If he never answered your calls or messages, forget about it and move on.

It’s not worth spending words on a long message asking him why he’s a crap, and he will not respect you enough to answer you either.

He is just not worth your time.

What was your reaction when a boy did not return the call?

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