Things To Do When He Leaves You “On Seen”

Sometimes women do not know what to do when this happens. Today we will tell you what is most convenient!

When your partner ignores your text messages, you probably go into shock and you don’t know how to act; you feel like the world is coming down on you. Relax, nothing happens!

If this person acts that way most of the time, it is surely because he does not have his cell phone in his hands all day and it is convenient for you to understand that situation. It is also possible that he is the type of guy who does not answer messages immediately.

If you feel desperate in this situation and do not know what to do, today we will tell you how to act so that you calm down and do not lose control. Apply these tips, they will be very helpful!

Things To Do When He Leaves You “On Seen”

1. Continue with your activities.

The world will not end just because he did not answer you! Surely he is busy with his activities so you should also continue with yours as normal. Don’t behave like a teenager waiting for him to reply right after you sent him the message. Life goes on, he will answer you when he has time.

2. Don’t make drama.

Do not claim him the reason for his delay in answering, that will make you look like an obsessive and immature woman. When he responds to you again, continue the conversation as normal.

3. Act like you don’t care.

The best thing you can do is let the topic you were talking about continue to flow naturally. The less importance you give to the matter, the better it will be. No man likes intense women who are on the lookout for his messages 24 hours a day. Relax and understand that he has things to do besides talking to you.

4. You also delay.

It is not revenge, but a lesson. Sometimes it is necessary for them to feel the same to realize that you can also make them wait for hours. Also, that will increase his desire to talk to you. Remember that sometimes less is more. The less you talk, the more he will miss you.

5. Don’t send him any more messages.

The worst mistake you can do is to send him many messages after he has left you “On Seen”. As much as you want to talk to him, DO NOT do it! If he did not respond, he will have his reasons and remember that you must have dignity above all.

If that person leaves you “On Seen” but responds despite the delay, this is probably the way he is and you should not try to change him, on the contrary; by now you must accept such behavior and learn to deal with it.

On the other hand, if you are the one who has to talk to him so that he answers you and still takes a long time to do so, it is very likely that he is not interested in you enough and it is better that you leave him in peace. It is not pleasant to be in the footsteps of a person who does not give you the importance you deserve.