Things To Do When He Does Not Answer Your WhatsApp Messages

Few things are as frustrating in life as starting to get excited with someone and then seeing how that person walks away for no apparent reason.

Why does this happen if everything went so well?

You are not the only person to whom it happens. Recently, a patient talked to me, who had gone out with a friend to a meeting at a boy’s house. The chemistry was immediate. They spent the whole night dancing and she felt a real connection.

The next day, she sent a beautiful message thanking him for the night and asking him to agree to meet again. Then, something strange happened. He stopped looking for her.

What is one supposed to do when something like this happens?

It is very difficult to know how to react to something like that. And the reality is that we almost always react in the worst way.

We also move away because we feel hurt and offended, and we lose the opportunity to find out what really happened. We want to see the obvious and end up harassing the person in question.

And it is that when it comes to the emotional, it is very difficult to act with a cool head we know! So do not feel bad if you do not know how to act either.

When we really like someone and delights us, our brain begins to produce a huge amount of hormones that can cloud our good judgment. It is a biological issue. It does not mean that you are foolish or that you are desperate.

But then, that part of your brain that hates the feeling of rejection seems to lose control. Do not jump into the drama, better try one of these seven tips.

Things To Do When He Does Not Answer Your WhatsApp Messages

1.- Do not bombard him with messages.

Let’s start with the worst you could do. And it’s sending one message after another. That is not going to help not leave you in “seen”. Quite the opposite. You will be precipitating the way to the famous “block and delete”.

It is sad, but this is how the human mind works: “If you are so desperate to go out with me, then I must be much better off”. And we lose interest. It’s that simple

2.- Send a casual message.

If suddenly you stop receiving answers to your messages, let one or two days go by. Then you can use the strategy of sending a casual and playful message but with a clear call to action.

Like “Good morning! I was considering you to be my next victim because I’m actually a vampire. But we all know that vampires can not eat someone who leaves us on “seen”.

Would you be so kind as not to come between me and my food needs? ”

So you are being quite direct, but casual and with a sense of humor. Surely at least you will get a couple of “hahaha”.

 3. Try to find him “coincidentally”.

We know, this strategy is very old. But it is also very effective if it is done with intelligence and you do not fall into the obvious.

If you know enough about the person to have the opportunity to bump into in a frequent site, do it.

Just get used to the idea that just as it can go very well, you can come face to face with some ugly reality. As he may be accompanied.

4.- Be careful with whom you complain about his lack of communication.

Do not complain to everyone that he does not answer your messages. It is one of the worst options.

We assure you that it is not going to be like a friend in common tells him and that person runs to apologize. Quite the opposite.

Pretend that you do not care. If you need to Unburden, use a close and trusted friend.

5.- Never, but never, send insinuations on Facebook.

This is only done by immature and desperate people. Private life is private for something, and if you try to put pressure on him with a very obvious activity in social networks, he will surely panic and block you.

You can, yes, label him for the event of a concert to which he said he would like to go.

But without harassing.

6.- Do not obsess over the phone.

When we are waiting for smoke signals, sometimes we become a kind of zombies that simply can not detach from the screen.

Spending 25 hours a day online will not make the person you like to get in touch any sooner.

Have a life.

Focus on your things, and let your messages be a pleasant surprise, not an addiction.

7.- Get over it and keep going.

Unless your guy is a superhero incognito and is saving the world or something similar, if time passes and there is no more contact, he is not interested, period.

Some people fake a deep emotional connection to get what they want, and then they retire. That makes us feel stupid creatures.

Do not feel bad. They are the ones who are wrong.