Texting to make a man miss you

If after having a wonderful encounter you want that man to miss you more than ever, you should send him one of the following text messages that will undoubtedly make him think of you for the rest of the day.

If, after an incredible date, all you want is to keep that guy interested in you, pay attention to the following love tips.

We know that your friends will probably tell you to wait for him to write to you, but we understand that uncertainty attacks you and can make you send one or anther occasional text message.

The important thing is that these messages are well planned, so pay attention to the following points, in them is the key to a successful conquest, we want you to truly make him fall in love.

Texting to make a man miss you

1. Show him that you think of him but you also have fun.

Send him pictures at the mall or on the beach and say, “I remembered you when I saw this sweater” or “I thought of you as I watched the sunset.” This will make him want to run to find you.

2. Messages that leave him in doubt.

Write to him saying that you have something important to tell him tonight, or better yet, tell him that you have a surprise prepared for the weekend, you will have him thinking about you all day.

3. Something more intense.

The following message should be sent only if trust already exists, send him a photograph of the underwear you have ready for his meeting, or simply pose in your best dress for him.