Text Messages To Flirt

When you start dating a boy, text messages become an ideal tool to get to know each other better and to coordinate upcoming meetings.

The good thing about the text message is that it allows you to let yourself go and is less intimidating than a call.

But if you already know him well and want to convey how much you like him, messages can also help you.

Do not miss these interesting tips that will help you learn to flirt via SMS!

Text Messages To Flirt

7. After the second date.

Men like to know what you think of them, so after the second date, do not hesitate to let them know how well it has been for you. A simple and short message like this is perfect so he knows.

The best thing is that it is a decontractured and sincere message.

Surely he will be happy to know!

6. Before a hot date.

If you already have confidence and have a night of passion planned, there is nothing better than to create expectations and continue with the game before being face to face.

A message like this will drive him crazy and increase the desire to have that hot date.

You do not have to go directly to the sexual, you can insinuate in your text messages without being completely direct; that will help you to feel more comfortable and encourage yourself more.

5. After a sports match.

We all know how men are with sports and how much it means for them to encourage their favorite team. If his team has lost, you can send him a message to help him feel better.

Sure he will like to know that you are interested and that he could count on you to watch another game.

Avoid teasing if his dream team has lost because he could take it badly.

4. When you’re buying lingerie.

Men love the lingerie on a woman’s body, and if you want to drive him crazy a text message like this will certainly do it. The best part is that he will be thinking about you all day and it is an excellent way to flirt and generate expectations.

Although later you should encourage yourself to model it for him!

3. When you go out with your friends.

It’s good that he knows that you can have fun without him, that you have your group of friends and that you have your own space.

But it’s also a nice gesture to tell him that you want to see him … in a bold and daring way.

A message like this will make him feel confident about the relationship and what you feel about him.

That way you can have fun on your own and then enjoy together!

2. When you get out of the shower.

If you want to send him a hot message so he can not wait to see you, this is definitely the right one.

Instantly he will think of you naked and wet in the shower and he will not hesitate to go dry you up.

Even if he is at work or in a meeting and you have not planned to see each other, it is an excellent stimulation that will keep him thinking about you all night.

1. When you feel like it.

If you want a passionate relationship and with confidence, you should not be afraid to talk about sex, fantasies or feelings.

He will love to know that you think about him and that you enjoy intimacy together.

Telling him how much he attracts you, or a fantasy or position you want to try, will help him feel stimulated and make the next meeting full of desire.

Go ahead and flirt and learn to use text messages as a way to stimulate the relationship.

Try them and you will surely get great results!