Text messages that attract a man

When he receives this he will always want to be with you

Although men have a reputation for being less sentimental than women, the truth is that at the time of compliments we all like to receive them, and there are some specific phrases that help you earn their love.

Text messages that attract a man

Text messages that attract a man

Text messages that attract a man:

1. You drive me crazy.

A message of this type makes that man feel that he is special for you, always at the time of reading it will draw a smile on his face and you will be the culprit.

2. I already miss you.

When you miss a man it is good to let him know, when you show him longing he understands that he is doing things right.

3. I want you to know that I love you.

The moment does not matter if you feel it you can say it without need to wait for it to be a special moment, they like it when a woman is direct.

4. You are the man of my life.

The heart of any man melts with this phrase, if you have not yet said it try it and you will see how gets full of pride with this phrase.

5. You are my light.

Just as you like to hear that you are someone’s inspiration, a man also loves to be told this kind of thing, you give him courage.

6. I love to laugh with you.

The moments of laughter in our life are always unique, but when we spend them in the company of a loved one, they simply do not have a price.

7. Tonight is the perfect night to sleep in your arms.

We all feel anxious about the good or pleasant things that we know are coming.

This phrase sounds like a promise he wants to hear.

8. I have the desire to kiss you.

It is a clear and direct phrase, if you feel like doing it, say it, these words tell him that you like how he kisses you and give him security.

9. You will always be mine.

Although we know that we should not be possessive, the truth to hear something like that makes us very excited, it makes us feel like in a dream, where he is your perfect man.

10. I love your arms.

You can mention any part or characteristic of him that you like, everyone likes to hear this kind of compliments, you make him feel like an Alpha male.

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