Text Messages No Man Wants To Receive

A small text that you send, although harmless as it may seem, can achieve great things. Good, and bad.

If you are about to conquer a man or want to pamper your beloved with a tender gesture, be very careful.

Given the thousands of reasons why a boy does not answer your messages, this is the worst: you made a mistake.

We want to help you save your conquest, giving you some tips so that you can begin to be a specialist in writing them, avoiding those text messages that no kid wants to receive.

Text Messages No Man Wants To Receive

1. “Heyyyyyy”.

Never send that content among the 180 characters of possibilities that a cell phone gives you.

A message with occasional and unnecessary content is annoying. You are sending a message from your cell phone, not talking to the person.

Therefore, in this case, the best option would be a “Hello, how are you doing?”.

Boys like to be written what you want to say, with the number of letters needed.

2. “Where are you? Do you want to see me?”.

Is there anything worse than sending an instant message to a guy and not receiving any response?

Many of those compromising messages to ask if the boy in question wants to see you, are sent on a long night of partying and alcohol, and in the morning you must survive the repentance.

If you have already been prey to the impulses, and you have sent a message in this situation, the only thing remaining is waiting for the answer.

Sending another text will only make things worse. If the gallant responds, fine; but if not … to something else.

3. One letter.

“W”, “H” or “ILY” are letters that supposedly mean something.

But they leave aside the true intention if the one who sends the message is in a good mood or not.

Many times, deciphering intentions is uncomfortable and men prefer things clearly.

Sending a message like “Good, that sounds good to me”, clear and understandable, it’s much better.

Anyway, you have many more characters. Why save them?

4. “I believe that…”.

As we said recently, in a simple message emotions cannot be demonstrated, unless the emojis are used, but the boys are not supporters of them.

That is why, if you write phrases like “Guess what …” or “I think …” you can give the feeling of insecurity, and that bothers the boys, and they lose interest.

Then, go straight ahead, and encourage yourself to answer “Yes” or “No”, and stop spinning!

Men are really simple creatures, they will thank you.

5. “Why don’t you answer?”.

There is no phrase or question more anxious than that, and for sure, it would not fall well at all in any masculine eye when reading it.

Surely you have thought about the thousands of reasons why he does not answer, but it can be simply because he is busy or not listening to the phone.

But if he does not send an answer, it is not the end of the world: it does not mean that he does not like you.

If after a few days he continues in silence, you can ask for news. If still more time passes, better delete his number!