Messages that a man will ALWAYS answer

Do you get angry when you try to flirt with that boy through messages and he does not answer you?

He may not answer because at that time he’s working, studying or for any other reason!

Messages that a man will ALWAYS answer

Messages that a man will ALWAYS answer

We understand that you get impatient if he does not write you and that you think he does not care, but that does not have to be the case!

Maybe it’s true that he can not answer the phone.

But there are some messages that no matter what he is doing, he will answer you for sure!

Would you dare to write these 5 messages?

Messages that a man will ALWAYS answer

1. On Saturday night my friend has a party at her house, do you want to come?

This is a discrete but direct way to invite a boy out.

You will be saying to him that you want him to go with you, but that it is up to him to do it or not, without pressure.

This way he will surely answer the message and if he says no … do not worry! Because there is more fish in the sea!

If he is not interested in joining a party it is because he does not care, and you deserve someone who loves the idea of going with you anywhere!

2. I’m tired of studying so much! Can you help me get distracted?

I’ve said studying, but working also serves … any activity of your daily routine would be a good point.

Also, if you accompany this phrase with a wink emoticon, you will be putting more mischief to the message.

He surely will answer you, but if he does not want to help you get distracted, do not worry and to another thing butterfly!

3. Do you want a fancy session of movies, blanket, and popcorn?

If you want to spend a more intimate and relaxed evening, do not hesitate to prepare a home cinema session.

You can think which movie you like the most to watch together and choose.

Another option is to go see the film in the cinema or a play, the important thing is to spend a relaxed and intimate evening.

I’m sure he’ll want it!

4. I’ve listened to a song and I remembered you.

If you know that he likes music, choose a song that he likes and when you listen to it (or not) tell him that you have not been able to avoid remembering him.

In addition to making him happy, he will answer enthusiastically asking about the song.

He will notice that you pay attention to his interests and that you have him in mind when he did not even know it.

Yes, try to be a song or band that both know and have spoken about it, or it might seem a lie.

5. Today I dreamed about you.

Without a doubt, if you put in a message that you have dreamed of him, he will answer you quickly to know what the dream has been.

So if you ever have it in your head while you sleep, do not hesitate and tell him.