Messages Sent By Someone Who Has No Interest In You

Attention! 4 messages sent by someone who has no interest in you.
Learn to identify the responses of the messages they send you.

First, you must be clear that if the guy you like does not answer you, it is because he is not really interested. But maybe by good manners or not to look bad, he responds to your messages, and this situation can make you feel confused.

If this is your case, we will tell you 4 messages that you must identify. Take it into account!

Messages Sent By Someone Who Has No Interest In You

1. He answers you with a “Hahaha”.

We have all used it once and it can be translated as a want to cut the conversation but not in a so rude way. If this situation happens once, it’s fine. But if he always does it, it’s simple, he is not taking you seriously.

2. Answers you with emojis.

This answer is basically a variant of “Hahaha” and shows that it makes him lazy to have a conversation with you, so he goes via the easy way.

3. He replies “Sorry, I was very busy”.

Well, you have to take this answer with tweezers. But the truth is that nobody is so busy not to take a minute and answer a message. Also, when someone interests you, you always take time from anywhere.

4. Greets you when he remembers.

If he remembers. And maybe when he remembers writing to you, it’s because he is bored or has no plan with anyone.