List Of Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex-Partner

You may still remember your ex on a daily basis. Even the feelings are still alive in you.

However, if the relationship ended after many arguments and problems, and there was no going back, it is best to completely forget.

Often times, the worst thing that can happen to your mental health is to consciously remember your partner.

So here we give you a list of the messages that you should not send to your old love.

List Of Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex-Partner

1. “I can not be without you”.

If you can be without your ex, it’s just a matter of letting go. The feelings are usually a matter of habit in a person, it is better to let everything happen and find a solution to the matter.

2. “I miss you so much”.

It’s normal for you to feel like you miss him after having an affair. It is natural that you have been left full of memories. However, by sending this type of message you will demonstrate how necessary he is for your life, better live the pain in silence.

3. “You should be here with me”.

As you adjust to your new lifestyle it is normal for you to cry out for him to come back and that you need him. But, do not rush, enjoy your solitude, sometimes it is the best time to discover those strengths that you did not know about yourself.

4. Where do I take what you left at my house?

Don’t look for a pretext to see him or speak to him. Many times it is better to remove everything from your personal space so that he knows that you have decided to embark on a new path.

If he ever asks about his things, just say you decided to throw them away to leave him behind.

5. “I remember when we went to x place”.

Memories can be your worst enemy, keep your mind distracted and you will forget about those moments. Only until when it no longer hurts to remember it will you know that the therapy was worth it.