How To Make Him Write You First?

When I write to you, it means that I miss you. When I do not write to you, it means that I’m waiting for you to miss me.

Luckily, today women are setting aside the conception that men should take the first step and move more to be with that boy who blows their heads.

So if you’re dying to know about him but you do not want to be heavy, let’s see how to make him write to you first.

How To Make Him Write You First?

1. Do not be so available.

You can send him a message, wait for him to answer and, when he does, ignore the message until the next day.

This way you are pretending that he does not think that you are pending of him and he will feel more interested in writing to you so that you do not escape him. Remember, male pride.

2. Making yourself the confused.

Send a text as it is for someone else, apologize immediately and do not answer when he does.

So he will not think you’re doing it on purpose to chat and he’ll be left wondering who that other message was for.

Nothing that makes them more alert than thinking they have competition.

3. Leave him wanting more.

When chatting by message, leave him wanting more talk or start a spicy and curious anecdote, but do not finish it.

In this way, he will want to know what happened and he will write to you sooner than you think.

4. Use social networks.

Yes, I know you have him on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat … Well, use the networks to encourage him to write to you.

Make publications that refer to other people, hints that are not for him. You will see how he falls and writes to you.

You can also use them to know where he is going to be and thus appear “by chance” with friends and looking splendid. Put on the best and sexiest dress and ignore him all night. He will want to die when he sees you.

5. Try with other forms of communication.

Maybe he just does not write to you because he does not like sending messages.

Generally, the people with more need for affection and with insecurities are the most addicted to the talks through this gadget.

When this happens to girls, they believe that the other does not feel the same because he does not feel the need to communicate all the time, as one feels, and this can make you confuse things.

Try to call him, to plan for a coffee … Who knows and maybe he does not write to you just because he prefers face-to-face talks.

Now, if you can not get him to write you first, maybe you sent him one of those messages that he does not expect to receive.