How to get him to answer your texts

How to get him to answer your texts

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Doesn’t answer your messages? Do not despair and learn How to get him to answer your texts.

Find out how to make the man you want to conquer to answer you faster and leave behind that terrible anxiety.

How to get him to answer your texts

“Submit”. There begins that annoying and long waiting. When finally you decide to take the phone and write something to the man that interests you, you have many options; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or the classical text messages. However, none guarantee an immediate response and the seconds, minutes or hours where there’s no response can drive you crazy.

“Some men think that responding immediately would be to show himself too interested and that could be counterproductive, would be kind of a “conquest technique”, says clinical psychologist Loreto Bórquez.

The first step for the notification delivery and even the read message not to affect you is to continue with your life.

Maybe he is sleeping, working, has no battery or signal, away from his cell phone or just wants to take some time before answering. Meanwhile, do your things.

“We all have our times and daily tasks. Assuming that the other “must” respond to us immediately, is to value little his chores, “Says psychologist and couples therapist Antonio Godoy, director of the Individual, Couples, and Sexuality Center (CEPPAS).

From the anxiety are held impulsive conducts, designed to meet the proper tranquility or sense of security, losing of sight the process of the other and that relationships are a result of what both people are building over time,” says psychologist and couples therapist Daniela Becerra.

Here we give a series of tips to help each of your messages to being answered fairly quickly and not to be you who fails in the attempt to communicate.

Safety first: Most likely it is he who sends the first message, but if you have the initiative to do it, do not ask if he remembers you or identify yourself. With confidence just say hello. If he doesn’t have your number registered he will respond anyway to know who is. Otherwise, the conversation will continue.

Accurate and concise: The worst thing you can do is send many and lengthy messages. Try to be brief, summarize your idea and be sure to start a conversation through interesting topics. He should not think that you lack ideas for the conversation. You can talk about things that he likes, but do not overdo it or he’ll feel harassed. Send him the fewest possible messages to awaken in him an interest in knowing about your messages.

Only two chances: Do not insist if you have sent two messages already and there’s no response. “Insisting shows anxiety and not necessarily have to do with the urgency of a response. Do we really need an immediate answer? One can communicate the other that the absence of “response” is a no”, says Godoy. You should also know yourself, because “if you insist and there’s no response, you may feel rejected, or if you have not planned much with him you won’t give him importance,” says Bórquez. Much less you should pursue him on all social networks or his cellular until because of the pressure, he responds. “If it is urgent, insist, but not to the point of saturating his phone with messages,” says the therapist.

Respond calmly: Fight against the emotion of receiving his reply and re-write him again. Take time to know what to say, so he does not notice that you are very attentive to the phone. Avoid doing wrong with a bad text and cutting the communication. When his answer is not of your liking make him wait longer to realize that without you having to use words.

Don’t propose going out: If you do not know him well and you’re going to ask him out, call him. Show all your character and face your fear to a possible “no” with confidence. And before doing so, send a message during the days leading up to the proposal. If you already scheduled a date, but you need to cancel it, it is also better to talk to him by phone not to seem rude.

Do not push him: At first, do not send him photos or very compromising phrases because he might think that you obsess easily. Every relationship has its process and is not suitable to hurry it. Nor try to “control” him. If you do not know each other well is not normal that you ask him where he was all day.

Put the end of the conversation: Keep communication about 4 or 6 messages and then tell him you’re busy. Do not spend all your time or his in messages. If in the opposite case, he says goodbye first, do not insist and let him start a new message thread.

Assume the possibility that he doesn’t answer: Keep in mind that by the mere fact of sending him a message, the man has no obligation to answer it … whatever his motives.

The important thing is not to compromise your activities or your dignity, but equally learn to tolerate the delay. Antonio Godoy argues that “we all have our limits”. To me, personally, I find acceptable waiting a day, if is not something urgent. Loreto Bórquez adds that “more time could denote disinterest or response to occur because nothing better has yet appeared.”

Do not stop your life: It is very unhealthy to stop your activities to be by the phone all day and being aware every minute of all your applications and social networks to see if he gives any sign of life. Remember that who matters is you. “I recommend to pay attention to what ‘I’ am feeling from what is happening in  the relationship because the emotions are the best compass,” advises Becerra. So if, after sufficient time he did not answer, get over it and focus on something else. Also, because he does not answer a message does not necessarily mean he is disinterested.

Recognize the lack of interest: “An event. But 10 events he avoids answering, can be a sign”, said Antonio Godoy, referring to how to realize that the man you pretend has no interest. Meanwhile, Daniela Becerra indicates “for more that a woman believes to deploying a good strategy, that is only a 50% participation in building the relationship and 50% beyond her control because it also depends on the context and expectations of the other”. If at your insistence he does not answer, turn the page and get over it.

I hope we’ve given to you a good answer to the question How to get him to answer your texts. Good luck!

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