5 Things You Should Not Say Through Text Message

Sending text messages today is something completely common: it seems that we can not detach ourselves from the screen of the cell phone. However, there are some things that we should not express in writing, basically because it is not the most appropriate means to do so.

But, what are the Things You Should Not Say Through Text Message?

Today we explain it to you so that you do not make mistakes in this matter and save yourself problems.

5 Things You Should Not Say Through Text Message

1. Love breakup.

We are adults, so if we have to talk about a serious issue such as a love breakup, we must do it personally.

Put yourself in the other person’s place and how you would feel if they left you for a simple text message, without explanations or anything else.

Isn’t it true you would not like it? Then, do not do it either.

2. Difficult to explain situations, or too long.

Text messages are made to give a short message, clear and with a purpose.

It is useless to explain a long or very difficult situation through text messages.

To begin, you will have to write several sentences to achieve your goal; In addition, it may be more difficult to communicate.

The best you can do is to call or explain in person.

3. Pregnancy.

It’s beautiful news! And logically, very important, that’s why you should not say it by text message to anyone, much less the future dad or grandmothers.

Call on the phone in the case of friends and distant family, but the closest wait to tell face to face.

4. Bad news.

Has a family member died? Have you been fired?

Probably, in those moments you need comfort, and a conversation by text message will not give it to you.

And if the bad news is for the other, saying it by text message is having little heart.

5. Sex life.

You never know who may be reading from the other side: maybe a friend out of the corner of their eye or deliberately, maybe they left the phone on a table and someone looked at it.

For that reason, the details of the intimate life, making proposals to your partner or telling a friend about the guy in the club, does not seem to be the best option if you want to maintain privacy.