What To Do Before A Toxic Mother-In-Law Without Damaging The Relationship

We tell you if you are facing a toxic mother-in-law.

One of the worst things that happen in a relationship is toxic mothers-in-law because it can affect both, to the point of making you end up with your partner.

However, many times you are facing a toxic mother-in-law and you have not noticed, but here we tell you the signs that indicate it and tell you how to deal with them.

What To Do Before A Toxic Mother-In-Law Without Damaging The Relationship

1. She gets into a couple’s decisions.

A relationship is two and decisions must be made only by the couple, but when the mother-in-law starts to get involved, everything falls apart.

It’s okay to comment, but not to get in and want whatever she wants to be done. So if you are facing a mother-in-law, the best thing you can do to avoid damaging your relationship with your partner is to make it clear that the decision belongs only to both of you, but do it in a good way, without losing control.

If the situation keeps repeating, you should talk to your partner to reach an agreement and understand that what his mother is doing is not right.

2. Criticizes and questions what you do to your partner.

There is nothing more unpleasant for your mother-in-law to start criticizing everything you do to your partner and compare you with his ex or herself.

If your mother-in-law has misplaced comments such as “I do better,” or “his ex really fed him well,” the best thing you can do is to respond bluntly “how strange, your son loves everything I do, and we are very happy”.

This way you defend yourself against her attacks without offending her or losing control.

3. Arrives without warning with plans for everyone.

There is nothing worse than having plans with your partner and your mother-in-law suddenly arrives to ruin them.

If this happens, you must reject your mother-in-law’s plans, because if you allow her to stay and ruin your day, she will continue to do so.

With much respect you must tell her that unfortunately you already had plans, so hers will, unfortunately, be done another day, when you are available and invite her.