Tips to overcome insecurity in a relationship

You started a relationship with someone that all your family and friends love, but that does not mean you have no doubt about whether that person is your soul mate.

And is that your love experiences are not the best, in fact, they have ‘broken your heart’ so many times that falling in love with this boy was practically a miracle.

Maybe that’s why you feel it’s impossible not to have insecurities about your romance.

To help you move those thoughts away from your mind, below are some recommendations:

Tips to overcome insecurity in a relationship

1.- Do not make comparisons.

It is common for people who have had bad love experiences to find similarities between their present and past relationships.

Avoid doing that because it will only cause you not to enjoy the moments with your partner.

2.- Remember that he loves you.

Every time he asks you, how are you? and he tells you goodnight before going to sleep he is showing you that he loves you, so do not hesitate.

3. Talk to your partner.

Do not be afraid and tell him what is happening to you, so that together you can solve this problem. Believe me, he will understand you.

4.- Avoid imagining things.

If he arrives late for a meeting with you and tells you that he delayed because he had pending work, do not feel that he is lying.

He does not have to do it, remember that not all people are the same.

5.- Ignore some comments.

Be careful what friends you tell your insecurities because each one will give their opinion based on their experience and that can confuse you even more.