Tips to increase your self-esteem

Trust is a state of mind. It is not that the people who believe more in themselves are better or more intelligent, it is that they have the ability to see the world around them in a different way.

And in the end the cliché works: if you feel good about yourself, you’ll look good.


Here are five tips that will help you feel better every day.

5 Tips to increase your self-esteem

1. Stretch:

Your mother was right.

Watch your body posture because, according to a study from the University of Ohio, being bent induces your brain to think negatively about yourself.

2. Paint your lips red:

This is a classic that never fails.

Dust off your favorite red lipstick and apply it without embarrassment from the first hour of the day.

3. Reserve time for yourself:

Spending some time alone is also good for your self-esteem.

Dedicate yourself to do things that you like such as meditation, reading, listening to music.

Go swimming in the pool or treat yourself to a bath with foam at home … Anything, but for you alone.

4. Do not waste time touching up your makeup:

Going every often to the bathroom to see if the eyeshadow is still in its place does not benefit you, on the contrary;

It takes you to a spiral of obsession with your image that usually ends up focusing more on your defects than on good things.

5. Measure your steps:

No joke, wearing a bracelet that will measure your daily physical activity will help you realize all the exercise you do daily without realizing it.

From there you can go setting new goals and overcome them will make you feel better about yourself.