Tips to forget someone

No matter the type of relationship, friendship or partner, sometimes you have to make the decision to end it; However, how capable are we to forget that person?

According to Ricar Ros, author of the book “How to forget someone“, the brain does not understand the word “no”.


Since the more we reaffirm the idea that we have to forget that person, our thinking does the opposite: it clings to the memory. This is because there is an emotional association that is more difficult to let go.

Therefore, provides you with five tips that will help you forget that person or at least make the process easier:

Tips to forget someone

1. No to the memories.

Take your measurements to make sure that you will not find that person during your daily activities.

2. Eliminate it from your electronic life.

Delete your cell phone contact and email, block his Facebook profile and take the necessary measures to prevent a meeting.

If necessary, change your email address.

3. Find a healthy distraction.

Replace the time you spent with that person with a new activity.

Try to do a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, join a sports team or start doing a new exercise.

It will be a good way to distract yourself and avoid thinking about that person

 4. Friends in common.

Tell friends you share with your ex to avoid telling you about the things that person does.

“Something very interesting could have happened”, but you do not need to hear it.

If your friend forgets what you asked and accidentally mentions that person, kindly remind them not to mention it.

5. Do not hide your emotions.

If you tried everything and still can not help but think about that person, you can use some time to sit down and write your feelings about what happened.

Once you finish writing, close the document and save it somewhere and continue.

It’s not bad to close circles, do not feel bad about it.

Remember that they are part of life and that sometimes there are people who more than benefit you, it will harm you.