Tips For Women Who Want To Love Themselves Daily

“Life treats you just the way you treat yourself” (Louise L. Hay).

It seems incredible that love for oneself is so difficult to achieve. We have to face too many battles, stereotypes, and social demands to reach a point of self-love. It’s not that we always hate ourselves, but our insecurities do govern us.

Sometimes women need to repeat as mantra how beautiful they are to believe it. It is changing the narrative of their thoughts, and in the same way, cultivating better habits that protect them from so many negative stimuli.

Tips For Women Who Want To Love Themselves Daily

1. It is a lot of internal work.

Read, go to therapy, watch movies that encourage your inner self to feel better. It is repeating it every day, it is a job that never ends, and we need a lot of patience.

2. Do not consume advertising full of stereotypes.

If you continue to follow influencers who show a reality so far away from yours, you will only feel worse about yourself. Follow intelligent women, who contribute to your life, full of personality or useful advice.

3. Understand that not everything is physical.

Has it happened to you that someone captivates you like a magnet for their personality?

Meryl Streep or Sarah Jessica Parker have shone in the entertainment world (which is ruthless) for their talent and security. Not everything is pretty eyes and a slender body.

Develop your personality together with good eating habits.

4. Knowing that you will not always feel the same.

It is not a button that makes you feel better immediately. It is a daily job, and that implies that sometimes you will doubt everything and feel bad about yourself.

5. You don’t need anyone to validate you.

Never depend on public opinion about who you are. Only you know your worth, and no one can make you doubt how beautiful you are.