Things You Should Not Say About Your Body

It’s time to let go of that misconception about body image, it’s time to send negative criticism of your body to fly and have more confidence in yourself.

If at any time in your life you have felt bad about your body, you are not alone. What we say to our body is very important since our words have so much power that they can seriously affect our self-esteem especially if they are negative words.

Things You Should Not Say About Your Body

According to a 2016 survey in Yahoo health more than half of all women are negative or ambivalent about their bodies and although many people can contribute to this negative mentality of yourselves, women feel the same guilt. Next, we tell you what you should not tell yourself.

1. I can’t believe I ate that.

People who tend to have low self-esteem rate food as good and bad, leading to thoughts of frustration and anguish, while eating nutritious food is good to keep you healthy, all food is delicious and we should enjoy it without guilt.

2. I just want to lose some kilos.

When you are more focused on the scale than on how you feel you downplay your body and everything it does for you throughout your life, the idea is to focus your attention on what is good for your health, beyond weight loss.

3. I’m fat.

It is time to eliminate that word in the vocabulary that we use to refer to ourselves, it has such a negative connotation in our society that we associate it with adjectives such as lazy, ugly or unintelligent. It translates to ‘I’m not good enough as I am’.

4. I’ll be happy when…

Thinking about going to the beach when that bikini fit you or when we lose those other extra kilos that you so much want to lose prevents you from enjoying your life in the present and pressures you to change in the near future, if you don’t succeed, you feel guilty. Also, the moment you meet those goals, you will look for something else from yourself that you have to “fix”.

5. Once I get in shape I’ll have more confidence in myself.

It is very damaging that we think that we will only have confidence in ourselves when our body looks a certain way, we have to accept that all bodies are different and abandon the ideals of beauty that pigeonhole us in having the same body to all, it is best to love your body and take care of it with a good diet.