Things that you should not tolerate in a relationship

We tell you what are the behaviors that you should never tolerate in your partner. If you identify them, leave him!

They say that in love and war everything is fine, but there are certain things that are intolerable in a relationship.

You should never overlook certain behaviors of your partner, just as you should never incur them.

So take note and stay tuned, some of them may go unnoticed and become real problems.

Things that you should not tolerate in a relationship

1. When he considers you his servant.

You both have to collaborate to do the chores of the house and take care of your children.

You must make it clear that you are not his mother and that he must be independent.

It is not enough that he helps you to make the food, clean the house, both of you must have the same workload, especially if you both have jobs outside the home.

2. Who laughs at you.

Humor is important, but there are certain situations in which laughter is not welcome.

He should respect you and if his laughter makes you feel bad, trying to make you inferior to him or it hurts you, you should not tolerate it.

Ask him not to do it again and apologize to you.

If he does not accept his mistake is not right, you should rethink if you want to continue with him.

3. Compulsive and jealous.

It will make your life impossible so get away from him as fast as you can.

It does not matter if you are a saint and you do not give him reasons to be jealous, he will have them anyway and will try to limit your life to protect himself from that feeling.

4. Manipulating.

To get what he wants from you he can try to manipulate your emotions, try to make you feel pity of him in order for you to forgive him, tell you that he is capable of committing madness if you leave him … with this type of men you can not have anything.

5. That betrays you.

There are people who handle infidelity well or decide to forgive it but if you are not in that group you should let him know.

If he finally betrays you he will be the culprit and no matter how hard he tries to convince you, he will not be able that you forgive him sincerely.

Fidelity is necessary to have a healthy relationship if this one is not open.

6. That puts you rules or limits.

Nothing of that.

You are free and you can do with your life and with your time whatever you want.

He has no right to prevent you from working, keep studying, sign up for dance classes or go out with your friends.

If he does not trust you it is because it’s because something is wrong.

7. Acting behind your back.

Especially if it is about issues that affect you both, how to invest the money in the joint account or the type of education that you give to your children.

Being lied to about any of these issues is also not tolerable.

8. That abuse you.

Both physically and mentally.

Nor can you consent to do the same with your children.