Signs That You Are Trustworthy In Love

Maturity means perceiving love in a different way and being more aware of what we really want in a partner.

The way we live a relationship changes over the years. We went from a crazy love when we were teenagers to another where what we are really looking for is a partner to share and grow as a person.

And just as our perceptions of love transform, so do we as people. Time makes us mature and we realize that the way we coped in the past was not healthy. Today you are more aware of who you are and want, making you strong women.

How to realize that you are a stronger woman in love? Look for these 5 signs

Signs That You Are Trustworthy In Love

1. You no longer need to be the center of attention.

Over time, you have learned the importance of independence. You know that your partner needs space for himself, just like you want some time alone to do the activities that you like such as exercising, reading, watching a movie, etc. It’s nice to have someone around you who cares about you, but you don’t want their world to revolve around you.

2. You know how to give yourself your place.

Before, you were one of the women who used to give in before the requests of their partners, although they did not seem the most appropriate, and you tolerated attitudes that you disliked “for love.” Being more mature means being aware of your place, how much you are worth and what you expect from the other person. If he is not able to make you feel comfortable and happy, it is better to step aside.

3. You are more difficult to surprise.

Those silly flirtations of men who brag about many things no longer surprise you. Your experience in love has taught you that what you really need is a sincere man, who shows himself as he is and who surprises you not with his physique but with his education and knowledge. Better to be with a guy with whom you can have a good conversation than with a pretty hollow-headed face.

4. You don’t open up completely.

When you were young, the madness of love made you give yourself body and soul to the other person shortly after starting your relationship and that brought problems at the end. Today you know that to open up to your partner, you must know what ground you are treading and be sure that things are serious. You no longer have time for children’s games, you are looking for a real man.

5. You stopped being the ‘drama queen’.

Maturity allows you to see the world with different eyes and life stops being a soap opera. Before making a fuss over a rumor or suspicion like you did before, today you sit down to have a calm conversation with your partner to ask for an explanation. But make no mistake: being calm does not mean that you are weak, but that you know how to take charge of the matter.