Signs That You And Your Partner Have No Chemistry In Intimacy

When a woman falls in love everything around her seem beautiful and does not take into account the differences that may exist with her partner.

However, you may not have known it, but if an adequate balance is not maintained, your relationship may be affected, especially in the aspect of sex.

And is that intimacy is as important as any of the moments you spend with your partner. For this reason and to know if you have problems in that sense, here are some signs.

Signs That You And Your Partner Have No Chemistry In Intimacy

1. You are ashamed to say that you want to do new things.

It is normal to feel a bit embarrassed when you say you want to try new sexual positions, especially if you just have a little time with your partner.

However, if after a while together you are still in the same, then it is better to say goodbye.

2. He does not satisfy you in bed.

When they have intimacy you must pretend, because your companion does not satisfy you.

If that happens to you, then you better think things through.

3. You do not know what to talk about.

When you finish having sex you do not know what to talk about and many times it has happened to you that you choose to dress up and fall asleep or in any case return to your home.

4. You think completely different.

It is good that two people think differently, but when these things happen in an extreme way, it is best to step aside.

5. You do not feel like looking sexy.

It has happened to most women that when they go out with someone, they try to make their outfit make them look sexy for that person.

If your partner has stopped motivating you in that sense, then talk about it.