Ritual to get your ex out of your head and heart

Recover your self-love, return to smile and leave behind everything that causes you pain and does not allow you to move forward.

To put into practice!

Ritual to get your ex out of your head and heart

1. Analyze.

Sit outside, breathe and start writing a letter addressed to your ex-partner where you can see the pros and cons that were part of the path you traveled together.

Think of all the emotions that you released and convince yourself that separating yourself from that person is the best decision and that you give it with all the love of the world to whoever comes after him.

2. Do not let yourself be carried away by your impulses.

Sometimes your emotions can play tricks, try to control everything that takes you out of your comfort zone, learn to externalize all your feelings, without falling into exaggerations, forgive and forgive, in this way the process will be more bearable, do not look for guilty, let it flow and let the storm pass, this is not forever.

3. Do not start a relationship in a rush.

Do not kid yourself, it is better to heal your wounds before getting involved with another person, take advantage of your moments alone, do not allow emotions to push you into the arms of a love that may be beautiful but that will end up broken, not closing cycles in the right times.

4. Start forgetting.

The best thing you can do is to start burying everything you feel for that person that at some time was special to you.

Use candles to balance the energy and to remove all the negative energy that you have left from this experience.

A party with your friends where you cry, laugh, write and dance will be the best therapy to start leaving behind what hurts, but it will not be eternal.

5. Land.

Sometimes you cling to a beautiful word, a message that can revive your hopes, but what this means is that you have to let go, let go, move forward, the only one that can be mounted on a nonexistent romanticism is you.

Quiet, landing hurts, but it is the healthiest for your mental health.

6. Give yourself times.

The sadness can not last forever, try to do activities that do not allow you to have an unoccupied mind, remember “the unoccupied mind is the best workshop of the devil”.

Meet people, go dancing, write, paint, even if it seems like a challenge, it’s the best way out for what you’re going through.