Reasons Why An Intelligent Woman Does Not Look For Her Ex-Partner

Ending a relationship is not a failure, failure is to continue with an insane, unproductive relationship. There are many reasons why an intelligent woman like you does not look for her ex-partner to return.

Reasons Why An Intelligent Woman Does Not Look For Her Ex-Partner

1. You know how to close cycles.

I know that the first days after the breakup you are sad, your appetite is on vacation and your mood is on the ground, but exceeded the first two weeks, everything starts to normalize because you are convinced that your life goes on and no man is capable of paralyzing it.

As an intelligent woman, you are able to close cycles and with that, you put an end to those days that you shared with him. You are sure that it is time to write a new story in the book of life, in which he once was important, but he will not be there anymore. In this way, you open the doors to love and if a guy who attracts you, approaches, you will be willing to go out and see what happens.

2. You are not afraid of loneliness.

Many women do not know how to be alone and when they end a relationship, they accept in their lives any man, even if he is not the best match. However, smart women like you enjoy singleness and loneliness to do things that make them happy and perhaps didn’t do before to be with their partners.

For example, it is now easier for you to think about grabbing your passport and going on a weekend trip or arriving home at 2 a.m. after having gone out with your friends. You enjoy yourself because you know that life is too short to be bitter for a man!

3. You know what you want.

Your life does not revolve around the tastes and decisions of other people, much less an ex-boyfriend. Women like you now don’t depend on anyone. Your independence, work, and intelligence lead you to fulfill your dreams and goals without the support of a male figure.

If you want to buy a house, you do it if you can. If you want a car, you buy it. If you want an apartment, you rent it… It’s that simple!

4. You understand 100% that the bond was cut. Bye, bye …

Dreams that did not match, different personalities and even problems with the mother of your ex-boyfriend may have been the cause of the breakup that, although it is painful, it is still the best decision you made. A relationship will fail sooner or later and it is best now. You know it, you accept it and your life is still normal!

5. You accept that it was beautiful.

When you meet a man, everything is rosy. His details, text messages and attention are wonderful, they even make you think you won the lottery by finding such a lovely man. However, the relationship changes with the course of the months, to become something of every day, and that is when arguments and differences arrive. They decide to take different directions.

Months go by and you as a strong woman do not decide to “marry” those memories, but rather you keep them in your heart for what they are, but without the hope that they will return. You have closed the cycle!

6. Do not regret.

You gained experience, why are you going to regret it? You learn something good from all relationships and that’s why you take it for what it is. You do it to be a better couple when a new guy arrives, capable of loving you for who you are, for your physical and inner beauty and, above all, because he recognizes that you are intelligent.

Let no man hold your life; if he does … you’re screwed!