Reasons why a STRONG woman cannot find love

Finding love is not a game, and if you are a successful woman, self-sufficient, self-assured and stubborn, then you may find it hard to find love.

This is because our society believes that intelligent and successful women are some creatures who prefer being single.

But this is not the case; They are like any other woman who has strengths and weaknesses and wants to have someone special in her life.

Here are the reasons why a strong woman may have difficulty finding love:

Reasons why a STRONG woman cannot find love

1. Not willing to settle.

A strong woman prefers to be single instead of being with the wrong person.

She is demanding and has made a list of the traits that a man must have to be her partner, and that list is too long or too specific.

She knows herself very well, what she wants in a couple, and therefore is not willing to settle for anything less than she deserves.

2. You do not need someone to take care of your needs.

She is the woman who can live alone, decides her way of life and takes care of her needs.

She loves to have her own space, a time alone and is probably afraid to think that she will have to share that personal space with another person after entering into a relationship.

3. She is not afraid to say what she feels.

An intelligent and strong woman is not afraid to express her opinions and points of view.

Sometimes it can be intimidating because she is not someone who does things to please another person but only does what she thinks is right for her.

4. Wants a stable relationship.

You will not settle for someone because you just feel attracted to that person, but you want a relationship that is durable and has a future.

5. She takes her time to evaluate things.

She is someone who does not run any risk if it is not worth it.

Then, she likes to take her own time to evaluate and decide if she really wants to be with a man and if he is dignified enough to love an intelligent and independent woman like her.